Voyage of Self-Discovery..

It’s an on-going journey. You learn something new about yourself everyday; especially during times when you have to deal with people that are not on the same wavelength as you are. Quite frankly, my face normally tells you exactly what I think. It’s not ideal, really.

Yesterday. Yesterday was one of the days when it felt like the world is caving in on me.

I have written in my notebook so I have let it go. This is what they mean by ” choosing your battles” and this was an unworthy one.

I am looking forward to the many beautiful places I will get lost in. Once that trust is gone, it is gone forever – with a partner, a parent, a friend, a colleague.

Life is certainly looking up. And, all of these bumps are life lessons and somehow, it all starts to make sense. So, chin up and enjoy your day; take it all as it comes.

Love & Light, x


Today and Forever..

Friday :)

FullSizeRender (2)

I am absolutely living my best life! I love it. I remember texting a beloved friend last week telling him how I even embrace the bad days, I also look forward to them. They help me learn and grow. They are a part of me and who I am, too. The good days, the bad days and even the ugly days. There is nothing to regret. Or, feel sorry for. Not my warped, messed up upbringing, not past love affairs, not failing, not speaking my mind.

It is so darn liberating to feel this way!

With Love,