Aging is Not Lost Youth..

So, the dinner that I was a little too excited about blew me away. It was phenomenal and way beyond my expectations. For once, I had an outfit co-ordinated (by myself, of course) with Purity Ring and Oscar & the Wolf as my background music.


I arrived 9 minutes late. Fashionably so. My best friend organised such a beautiful affair! The dinner and drinks was at S43 in Umgeni. Quite the hipster place to be.


I knew straight away what would be on my dinner plate – there was only one vegetarian option. That’s good enough for me! A giant-sized chickpea and spinach burger. They also have a banting diet option where the bun is replaced with large portobello mushrooms. There is something for everyone to enjoy.


A cosy, friendly ambiance. A beautiful evening at S43 followed by a nightcap at a local pub to watch the Rugby World Cup 3rd Place Play-off.


stoked face

Biggest stoked face – thank you, thank you, thank you! I would not have had it any other way.

Also, I l o v e sparkles 🙂

With love from a 25 year old, x


Markets. Sushi. Gardens. Family..

What a beautiful weekend filled with laughter, dances, Thai spring rolls, sushi, family braai, a walk with monkeys and Hadeda Ibises and a relaxing Sunday.

I started off the weekend with a catch up at the Musgrave Roof Top Night Market. I have moved away from just eating Falafels. I have discovered amazing Thai Spring Rolls with glass noodles! What?! So. Good.

My Saturday started off quite mellow. I didn’t really want to get out of bed. I did. Otherwise, Nick would have been bleak with me.


I bought sushi from my local take away spot run by three young Chinese guys who have asked me out on a miso soup dinner date.


A feast more than a light picnic. Go big or go home, eh?


We pretty much could not move for a while. All we could do was lie flat on our backs, look at the sky and listen to the birds sing.


When we had been bitten by enough mosquitos, we decided on a walk around the Botanic Gardens. We have always had this place available to us but we just do not visit it often enough. It is the best picnic spot in Durban. Also, seemingly the place to take wedding photos.


A walk with Hadedas and monkeys in the heat seemed like the most perfect moment. All life living in harmony.



After the lazy stroll. It was time to see my family for a late afternoon/evening braai. It is always so lovely to see my cousins. We literally sit outside, have beers and talk utter nonsense. For hours! It is the best!! 🙂

I would not have had this weekend any other way.

“Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like & celebrating it for everything that is.”

With love, x

Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia and Breadsticks..

I have been meaning to bake my own bread for a while now. I completed a Learning for Sustainability: Developing a Personal Ethic course through Coursera facilitated by the University of Edinburgh online. The discussion forums are particularly insightful as you get to engage with people from different countries whereby the norms vary. I engaged in a discussion about how I can lower my personal carbon footprint even though I felt I was not contributing too much (which is rather subjective and ignorant). In fact, my carbon footprint seemed higher because I drive every day as our transport system is rather shoddy! Even though I am a vegetarian, buy from the local Food market that sources “locally” and try to car pool on weekends, there is still a bit of room for improvement. One of the questions was, “Where do you get your bread and milk?” I survive on approximately 1 litre of milk a week as I have my oats with water or I have a wholewheat toast for breakfast. So, the next question, “Why don’t you try to make your own bread?” Something as simple as making your own bread! The plastic wrapping and clip, the transportation, the preservatives, etc.


So, after watching the BBC Food program Paul Hollywood’s Bread, I was a little inspired. Really easy and simple. Flour, yeast, salt and water then garlic and fresh rosemary!


Voila! It has been raining for the past three days; it is the perfect time for freshly baked bread.

With love,


Bonding Time with Mum..

This is a beautiful, precious moment. I mean, we used to live together so this was the norm. I have been living with my father for about a year and a half now.

As you get older and have seen special people depart our Earth as we know it, these moments become treasured and priceless.

Mum and I enjoyed a relaxed lunch at Habesha Cafe which is an Ethiopian restaurant in Davenport, Durban.


This place is lovely and cosy. It gives you a home-y feel. The food is good and reasonably priced for what you get. It make look like it’s not a lot but do not underestimate that bread! It is filling! I honestly could not move after lunch, I just wanted to shut my eyes and fall asleep in a cosy Ethiopian cocoon.


The bread is made out of maize meal which is called “injera”! An African staple. If you do not know this yet, I am a vegetarian tree-hugger so I opted for the vegetarian options. Split red lentil (“mesir kot”) and an exotic tomato based curry? It was delish. My mother couldn’t say no to meat so she had a lamb kot.

FullSizeRender (1)

What’s a lunch date without a selfie??

If you are in Durban and love trying new things, head over to Habesha Cafe or even Cafe Abyssinia which is equally wonderful. If you are anywhere else in the world, just try out new cuisines. It’s one way of broadening horizons without travelling.

With love,