Weekend Special…Day 241-243

Majestic cannot even describe the weekend I had. I should add on aching limbs, huffing and puffing and one beautiful experience.

"You have reached your destination" *cough cough*
“You have reached your destination” *cough cough*

To be honest, I liked the idea of pretending to be a hobbit trekking to Mordor.

It was my turn to book the accommodation. I’m not quite sure when we said we’d take turns but I kindly obliged. It is fair and makes sense; the same person is not stuck with this laborious task of booking cheap yet decent accommodation. My brain normally has a million ideas and thoughts; I get side tracked quite easily. So, I booked on the morning of our departure. Naturally. Somehow, I managed to secure a 3 bedroom cottage. I have charms and magic powers!

Stoneyhall Farm Castles Cottage.
Stoneyhall Farm Castles Cottage.

A 2 hour 30 minute drive from Durban to Underberg became an over 4 hour drive. Why? It was dark and dangerous. Yes, that’s it! Trucks, winding roads, hunger, all of it. On arrival, it was 2.5 degrees Celsius. In August! I’ve always liked the idea of a cold, dark winter. {Seems like my dreams are slowly becoming a reality, eh?} Anyway, I had to get my shivering booty in a hot shower. We had a fire place! YES! After refusing my handy assistance, Bravo! James for making a cosy fire. (Unfortunately, I do not have photographic evidence).

We were running behind schedule. I think that African timing rubs off on people quite easily. Teehee!
Hike Day.
The road leading to Sani Pass border control was an absolute nightmare. Gravel. With rocks the size of a head! Angular heads! Approximately 15 km of this. After cursing ad sweating bullets, we made it sans punctured tyres. I am sending in my CV to become the stig. There!
I was not mentally prepared for this. I knew it would be strenuous but I didn’t think it would be as challenging. I have my reasons as to why it was so difficult. Not excuses, reasons. 🙂 I will not dwell in to those though.

It took 2 and a half hours to reach the summit. The destination. I said a little silent prayer as we made it to the Lesotho border control. I also really appreciated the school kids giving us a round of applause for making it to the top. I think my “I think I am about to cry because I am so happy and proud of myself” face deserved that kind gesture. We met up with two friends that were dirt road biking. They were camping in -10 degree weather like Vikings. Mental.

I cannot describe the hike. Here are some of the photos:

After that awful drive, there is still a bright smile on my face..
After that awful drive, there is still a bright smile on my face..
Mmmm, take it all in.
Mmmm, take it all in.

The Drakensberg

It was that cold.
It was that cold.
"Marvel at the general splendour"
“Marvel at the general splendour”
one. step. at. a. time.
one. step. at. a. time.
"Mamma, I made it!"
“Mamma, I made it!”
There. The Border. I crossed it.
There. The Border. I crossed it.

We walked back down after lunch. Much quicker. We realised how steep the hike was on the way down. Rolling off the little pebbles and trying to not fall flat on our bottoms. We couldn’t run down as we had hoped. We were in a rush as we had two hours to reach the SA border pass before the gates closed.

Say, "Aaaah"
Say, “Aaaah”

If that was not enough for the weekend. We went on another mission on Sunday morning. My last day at the berg. A trek to find the Bushman rock art.

Map. Snacks. Walking shoes. We were set.

We did not find the art work. We both definitely know how to read a map. However:

To Three Pools We Go..."If I take one more step, it'll be the furthest from home I've ever been."
To Three Pools We Go…”If I take one more step, it’ll be the furthest from home I’ve ever been.”
Let's go back..
Let’s go back..

Somehow, the drive back was not as long. I was back in Durban by 18:00. Ready to pass out. This weekend has by far been one of the best this year. To many more marvelous weekends. Cheers!


Love & Light



Weekend Special: Day 46 & 47

And maybe a bit about day 45 as well.

Valentine’s Day. I don’t really hate it. I don’t mind it. Just another day really. Don’t feel less loved just because I don’t get chocolate and roses, or sweet texts and phone calls. It was a normal day, really. Work. Go home, hang out. Chill. Sister and I got a bit excited watching Sister Act! I had seen Jenny the night before. To say goodbye. She’s back in Belgium now. It was lovely having her back here, even though I saw her three times in the duration of her stay here because I live in a prison with my dad as the very strict warden. He doesn’t approve of girls driving alone at night. Or, to girls that drink alcohol. Or, that to boys. I don’t think he wants me to leave the house really. The “rebel” that I am though, I just leave. YOLO.

Reunion: Girls having fun..
Reunion: Girls having fun..

Day 46. Saturday. 15 February. The day after sort of feeling, haha! Nothing worth noting.

Day 47. Sunday. Playing nanny and chef de cuisine. I nailed that oxtail! And my mashed potatoes looked and tasted (I would imagine) like something out of Michel Roux’s kitchen. My sister wanted to go out and get all romantic with her fiancĂ©. I offered to babysit. Little did I know that he’d poo like 5 minutes after she leaves. My nephew is going to be 3 months old on Tuesday. I have never gagged so much, nearly vommed on this poor baby. Crap! I swear I think he was having a kick out of it. I am ending the day with a good glass of red wine and winding down to Six Pence None the Richer. I have been feeling rather anxious this weekend. I haven’t finished a single movie that I have started.

The Nephew and I ..
The Nephew and I ..

I have some roller coaster emotions the passed week but I just didn’t have the time to jot everything down. Or the energy. I know what I want, and I am going for it.


“If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere. You better wake up and pay attention” — Sister Act (1993)

Day 34

Monday. It wasn’t all bad. I was busy so I didn’t keep a watchful eye on the clock.

Nothing much happened today. But, Jenny has arrived in SA!!! We are having a booze cruise (just an excuse to have a cocktail party on a boat) on Sunday. I cannot wait for the weekend, I am frothing! Plus, to make the most of the weekend, I have taken Friday off. February will be my 28 days of happiness.

Problem: Fuel prices are increasing. By the end of the month, petrol might be R16 a litre. Uhm…


I think my father thinks I am a boy. The son he never had (I have four sisters). The first thing he does when I get back from work; he drags me outside to have a look at his new tyres and talk cars. I suppose I am the only one that really listens to him when he talks about such. Tyres, construction, cars.

“Well, I can’t describe her exactly – except to say that she was beautiful. She was – tremendously alive.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald




Weekend Special: Day 32 & 33

Hmm, now it gets to the difficult part. Actually counting the days and not just looking at the date. haha!


Had to make my dad’s breakfast before I left the house. Beautiful day. Sunny. Feeling rather good and cheesey :). Market day, too. Went to JP’s house (mentioned him in a previous post, I am sure, so you’re acquainted now) to leave my car there so we could go to the market together. Drove past his gate (I don’t even know how I did that, maybe because I was singing along to Taylor Swift’s “Feeling 22” so loud I got side tracked!) and had to go ’round the block. I was half an hour late. This is becoming a habit. It needs to stop.

Beautiful day at the market. Yay for cherry flavoured beer! Good to see some friends. Finally purchased the dog shampoo and my goats milk and honey soap bars. Yum! Had a little walk about. Hot & sweaty by now. Hmm, what to do next. We had up until we got to the parking lot to decide on what to do.

Next stop. Remembered that a friend (three friends to be exact) was moving house. Decided to go see the new place. It is cosy and homey. I just had so many decorative ideas for the place. I just cant help myself. House warming gifts. Alles! Maybe, I was an interior decorator in my previous life. Just like how I was a Nubian princess.

Still didn’t feel like going home. Took a walk down the road to buy me some ice cream. And, perfume. Would love to hang out some more but had to dash back home to cook dinner. Seeing JP again in 3 hours to watch a 19:45 movie with my 12 year old sister. Thank G-d she didn’t pick an animation — even though JP would have appreciated it, haha. But really, I am not paying R53 for an animation. We watched Last Vegas. Hilarious film. Not suitable for 12 year olds (although the restriction was 10 PG!). Sooo good to laugh out loud like that. I am terrible at reviewing movies so I wont even attempt it. But, I really don’t want to get old. haha. That’s all. Watch the film and you’ll definitely understand why. One moment you’re an invincible young buck, the next you need a bed pan and hearing aids. Bugger.

Sneaky Happiness
Sneaky Happiness

That was my Saturday. Perfect way to spend a beautiful day.

Sunday. Hair day. AKA day 33.

Saw my mum for a bit. I worry about her at times. Bless her.

Getting my usual box braids. Sat down for a good three and a half hours (record time)! My ass. Definitely not as cushion-y as it looks. That was my day gone.

Is it possible to have mosquitos nesting only in one particular spot in my room? I am starting to get suspicious. I ONLY get bitten when I’m sitting at my dresser. Sneaky little buggers!

Life has changed in the past month or so. Emotionally. Mentally, perhaps. Getting to understand why certain things have happened. One cannot be bitter. The only thing worth doing is embracing the changes. As momentous as it may sound, it is probably all worth it.

Finding magic in empty spaces..
Finding magic in empty spaces..

Right on. Go forth and find your magic :).

Love & Light, xx.

Day 31

Fridays always drag on.

But, I am a little excited for later. For the first time ever, I am going to sort out my natural hair, from scratch!! Haha, I know it’s no awesome house party with cool people on a Friday night. But, somehow this seems more exciting! Or, I am just becoming lame.

The day was bearable. Even though one of my colleagues and I were literally counting down the minutes until 17:00.

Oh gosh. I have a confession. So after work I decided to head down to the Food Lovers Market with my sister to get some veggies. I bought five, fucking FIVE, different cakes and pastries! All for myself. I also bought my sisters their own doughnuts so they don’t ask for my goodies. I am a piglet.

Having a cream horn with tea this minute.


I thought I would post photos of how I managed my hair. But, in short: had to cut the braids, shampoo, apply a leave in conditioner for 60 minutes, air dry, apply hair treatment for natural hair (AKA Afros), smother in castor oil then plait some “Bantu” plaits so the hair is easier to manage. Thank you Jenny and Google for the help!

I do have before and after images. But, they can’t seem to upload. Better luck next time.

Love & Light. x

Day 30

Oh. My. G-d.

I may just be the most exhausted person in the universe. I feel like I am not even in my body. Sand paper eyes.

I knew it would be a long day today. I snoozed my alarm FOUR times. Thankfully, it was a cooler day. A cool rainy day. As Chris said, “Rainy day, dream away, let the sun take a holiday”…That is exactly how I like it. I think the sun needs a vacation.

Falling asleep. Will continue in the morning. x

Day 29

Firstly, Happy Birthday Jo! We’re getting old. I hope you’ve had a beautiful day and that life is starting to make more sense. You have such a bright future ahead of you despite these hurdles. Go forth and sparkle with happiness 🙂

I MISS my friends. Every single one of them.
I MISS my friends. Every single one of them.

Secondly, “I don’t know how to save the world. I don’t have the answers or the answer. I hold no knowledge as to how to fix the mistakes of generations past and present. I only know that without compassion and respect for all of Earth’s inhabitants, none of us will survive, nor will we deserve to” — Leonard Peltier.  Thank you for this quote Jason. I like this. And, I just read up about Leonard Peltier. Getting an education. So, you’re not all about your ridiculous jokes :P..

Wednesday. Midweek. Winning!

It was a rather productive day at work. No admin. No bad vibes or I surpassed all of it. I think ignoring petty issues really does work in ones favour.

You know, I think my life has become so busy (I have no idea with what) that I don’t have time to read my books. I always seem to be running around on weekends that I don’t actually get to do half of the thing that I had intended to do. I think I need to start doing things during the weekdays, after work, you know. I do loathe driving after dark. But, just to have more time to do rad things with my life. Some changes need to be made. Soon.

A much needed admission
A much needed admission

Another thing, I volunteer and have become one of the organisation’s Facilitator for Greenpeace Africa (Durban Branch) so things will get busy soon. I have some ideas. Screenings and forums that I would like to host. There are so many topics that need our attention. Which is another reason why I like Jason’s quote so much. This is our only home. Unless, of course, you think you’ll be signing up to fuck off to Mars. Good luck with that. There will be a discussion taking place in Cape Town regarding Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) which, hopefully, I will be joining via Skype. This practice needs to be stopped before it causes some irreversible damage.

Food for Thought
Food for Thought

Okay. Bed time. Music has kept me awake this long.

Love & Light, x

Day 28

Aaaah, I couldn’t type anything while I was raging about these mosquitos! I have seven bites on one leg! Why me?!

Feeling rather down together. Not sad as such. Just down. I hate how condescending my colleagues are. It’s frustrating. Its unnecessary. I can’t even get in to that topic without getting ready to vent and rage and call them all sorts of awful words. But, no. I am better than that. I will walk away from the temptation of giving them a mouthful; or even writing about it. I’d rather not give off those negative vibes.

When I got home, my father made me wash my car. Thought it was a mission but I got in to it. Pretty stoked I did. I got the family out, monitoring me. She is clean. {Yes, she is still nameless}..

Love & Light, x



One Foot..

Fun. – One Foot

I’m standing in Brooklyn just waiting for something to happen.
I can’t help but love thinking that everyone doesn’t get it.
To my left is a window.
Where did I go?
My reflection just blends in to rows of clothes
And bad ideas, but ideas nonetheless and so…

I put one foot in front of the other one.
I don’t need a new love or a new life – just a better place to die.
I put one foot in front of the other one.
I don’t need a new love or a new life – just a better place to die.

I happen to stumble upon a chapel last night.
And I can’t help but back up when I think of what happens inside.
I got friends locked in boxes (That’s no way to live).
What you’re callin’ a sin isn’t up to them.
After all (after all), I thought we were all your children.

But I will die for my own sins – thanks a lot.
We’ll rise up ourselves – thanks for nothing at all,
So up off the ground
Our forefathers are nothing but dust now.

I put one foot in front of the other one.
I don’t need a new love or a new life – just a better place to die.
I put one foot in front of the other one.
I don’t need a new love or a new life – just a better place to die.

Maybe I should learn to shut my mouth.
I am over twenty-five and I can’t make a name for myself
Some nights I break down and cry
I’m lucky that my father’s still alive
He’s been fighting all his life
And if this is all I’ve ever known then may his soul live on forever in my song.

I put one foot in front of the other one.
I don’t need a new love or a new life – just a better place to die.
I put one foot in front of the other one.
I don’t need a new love or a new life – just a better place to die.

In front of the other one
In front of the other one
Just a better place to die.

If you haven’t downloaded or heard this song yet, best you download it and listen to it on full blast. A morbidly good song. I always seem to sing along SO darn loud when I play it then I always feel so happy.

Fun. Fun.2

Day 27

I have something against Mondays. I am sure there is a list in my sub conscious mind. When I finally realise it, I am certain that it will be long. No, it was not a bad day. But it was not a good day either. Just average.

I wish I did not have to deal with sibling rivalry at this age. Are we not getting too old for this? Bickering and “I will not talk to you” crap.. Received a rather rude text message from one of my sisters. I don’t deal well with such. It’s either I get really angry, rage then throw things around or I walk away as if nothing was said. I chose the latter. It requires tons of energy to get angry and its an awful feeling. So, what is the point? I vented to the domestic helper/tea lady at work and she understood. Do not underestimate the power of venting to a stranger. Straight after that, I had already forgotten about the entire situation.

“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful  weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.” — Carlos Santana

Tickets for the Transfari Festival have been booked! Now to tell my father. Oh dear. It starts on the evening of my dad’s birthday. So, I am planning on taking him out for a fancy dinner the night before just so he kind of lets me off the hook. I hope the plan works..

I will talk about the article below tomorrow. I t is not to create a racial divide at all. Read the article.  Send me your opinion too.